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Something to think about when choosing a wireless carrier: Verizon Wireless has been conducting union-busting activities for years now, and the only major wireless company to unionize has been Cingular, which doesn’t seem to be suffering for it because it’s the #1 carrier in the country.

According to Jeff Rechenbach, executive vice president of the Communications Workers of America, quoted in, “Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, Alltel are the Wal-Marts of this industry.”

Verizon union busting activities have included shutting down a call center at which employees were more aggressively organizing and prohibiting workers from discussing unionization even on their own time, such as at lunch or on breaks. They have even required employees to report such activity.

American Rights at Work is sponsoring a petition, which can be found at their website or at The Petition Site.



Here’s a buried story worth noting:AT&T Inc. is changing its privacy policy for Internet and television customers to specify that account information is a business record the company owns and can be disclosed to government and law enforcement and to protect the company’s “legitimate business interests.” These are the same good folks who want to eliminate net neutrality. This company has an attitude and, apparently, feels that your personal information is theirs to use and abuse as they see fit. Many argue that privacy rights simply no longer exist in America and haven’t for a long time, so why make a fuss about one more nail in the coffin? But, to use another tired but apt metaphor, why slide further down the slippery slope? Why choose AT & T when there is a veritable smorgasbord of choices out there for telecommunications services, many cheaper and more or just as reliable as AT & T. Boycott AT & T. Send a message to those companies that will follow suit.

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