A very important Amnesty International Campaign:


You can find your elected official by going to Congress.org

Find your senator here.

“Action Alerts” by a wide variety of groups and organizations are listed here, by topic.

If you’re interested in animal advocacy, here is an extremely important Act to support:

U.S. representatives Christopher Shays and Peter DeFazio have introduced the Farm Animal Stewardship Protection Act (H.R. 5557), which would require that anyone seeking to sell animal products to the federal government—including the military, federal prisons, school lunch programs, and other programs—meet basic animal welfare standards. Although these standards are modest, they would include some groundbreaking provisions: Factory farms that want to sell their products to the federal government would not be allowed to starve or force-feed animals, leave sick or injured animals to suffer without treatment or euthanasia, or confine animals so restrictively that they are unable to turn around and extend their limbs and wings.

Again, they’re trying to cut funding to public broadcasting.  Write to your representative.

Here’s a  WWF campaign to enact legislation to save lions and snow leopards.  How could anyone be aginst that?


Petition against media consolidation.  It’s worth a try.


Send a hand-delivered letter to your representative or senator through “Advocacy Express” for $8.95.  These letters are also posted on the Congress.org site

 Here is an example of one on net neutrality, posted on Congress.org

Dear Senator,

Upon taking my first computer class in school, I remember being fascinated with how well people were able to work together in the early days of internet development. These pioneers seemed to pool their resources and envision the bigger picture that would soon transform our lives. It was evident to me that greed was definitely not the motivating factor. The internet quickly became available to almost everyone in almost any place at a relatively reasonable fee. After questioning some content being shown on a particular Country Music Station on my local cable station, I tried to send an email to the station. I discovered that the station was owned by MTV Corporation, which is owned by Viacom, which also owns VH1, MTV, BET, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. This made me realize why I was seeing the same tired squander shown on so many other channels. There was not even an email link on this particular station’s website, at least not an easily accessible one.I simply can not imagine the same gluttonous scenario happening to the internet. Although it is home to some independent thieves, cons, and low-lives; it is still somewhat free of the mega-corporations authority. Some of the same players, incidentally, that eagerly handed our phone records over to the government without a word to the paying public.I realize that the conglomerates have the money to influence through pay-offs, bribes, and lobbying avenues; yet you must take a strong stand on this issue. Please protect the neutrality of the internet. The regulations were in place before the big boys decided to fabricate new rules in order to benefit their bank account. I’m sure these corporations will make their money back regardless of a tiered system or charges for “priority access”. After all, one of these companies, in a medium-sized Midwestern town, considers 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. “peak calling hours”. Should this be the prevailing wisdom, the internet will be in serious trouble.

Loves Park , IL