It’s a topsy-turvy world indeed when Mr. Foley, as Chair of the Caucus for Missing and Exploited Children can be allowed to continue in his job after sexually preying on an adolescent in his charge, but an art teacher can be suspended for taking her students to an art museum, one that featured nudity, of all things.

I feel sorry for the teacher, but I also feel sorry for the culturally-starved child, if he or she is to be raised by parents who can’t recognize the difference between works that celebrate the human form and those that degrade it. 

The District is now trying to say that she wasn’t the greatest teacher, but that accusation doesn’t seem to hold up to scrutiny and, anyway, I’ve never heard of a less than optimal teacher being suspended after 28 years of tenure for that reason alone. If that were the case, we would have even bigger teacher shortages than we do now—huge ones in fact.

I have dug up the names and numbers of School and School District administrators. Please call them and help save this poor woman’s job.


Wilma Fisher Elementary

Nancy Lawson

(469) 633-2600


Frisco Independent School District

Rick Reedy


(469) 633-6000

Two of the offending images:

Rodin’s “Shade”

Flora by Aristide Maillol 1911


Maillol’s “Flora”