In reference to yesterday’s post about Bush torture policy, it seems that the administration was truly playing a shell-game with the public.  According to today’s NY Times, at the same time that the Pentagon issued the new interrogation manual, the Bush administration introduced legislation that would allow those practices outlawed by the Pentagon to continue to be practiced by the CIA.


“And the courts would be forbidden from intervening.”  Eight very important words.


According to the article:

The proposal is in the last 10 pages of an 86-page bill devoted mostly to military commissions, and it is a tangled mix of cross-references and pregnant omissions.


The proposed legislation would provide retroactive immunity from prosecution to government agents who used harsh methods after the Sept. 11 attacks. And, as President Bush suggested on Wednesday, it would ensure that those techniques remain lawful.

Wow. Let’s see how they slip this one under the wire.  Thus the importance of the midterm elections. The only way to keep these people in check is to unseat the Republican majority in Congress.