It has not been mentioned much in any major news sources, perhaps because it is such a commonplace, but, in these circumstances, it gains more significance: the US has again vetoed a UN resolution censuring Israel, this time one demanding that they end the attack on Gaza.  The resolution seems fair and diplomatic enough, since it requires that Hizballah release the captive Israeli soldier in exchange for Palestinians detained by Israelis.  This from EuroNews

The United States has blocked a UN Security Council resolution calling on Israel to end its offensive in Gaza. Ten of the Council’s 15 member-nations voted in favour of the draft, put forward by Qatar on behalf of Arab states. Four countries abstained while Washington killed the text by using its power of veto. The resolution demanded the unconditional release of abducted Israeli Corporal Gilad Shalit as well as Israel’s immediate withdrawal from Gaza and the release of dozens of Palestinian officials detained by Israel. 

The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, a pro-Israel lobbying group, includes on its website a long list of U.S. Vetoes of UN Resolutions Critical of Israel.  Presumably, this list is proudly displayed because it clearly demonstrates US nearly unconditional support of Israel.  

The UK Guardian has some pictures of the conflict.  This one shows a bombed apartment building in suburban Beirut.  Does this look like a military target?