1. If you don’t possess nuclear weapons, you will be attacked.

2. If you possess nuclear weapons, you won’t be attacked.

3. If you are a threat to Israel, you will be attacked.

4. If you are not a threat to Israel, you won’t be attacked (at least not right away).

5. If you are a mad dictator, don’t cooperate with the international community, even if forced.

6. If you are a mad dictator, demonstrate your arsenal, rather than lie about it. (In other words, rattle your saber, rather than play cat and mouse.)

7. Don’t let your dissidents out of the country.

8. Don’t let anyone else into the country.

9. Wait until the US forces are spread thin and the US president is unpopular before you show your cards.

10. The US president is just as mad as any mad dictator.