Thank heavens.  I’ve always thought, when riding through NYC tunnels, that such a thing could happen. 

But let’s see if this plot has more substance than the one in Miami.  These alleged terrorists were found in Lebanon, not the US, and this underscores that resources need to be spent on overseas intelligence (not including torture and rendition) .and not unsupervised, and probably random, domestic surveillance. 

It also underscores that homeland security needs to be strengthened and properly managed.  Easy targets like tunnels, bridges, ports, trains, and subways need to be better secured. 

According to the NY Times,

. . . Mr. Schumer and Mr. King [Long Island Rep.] said that the investigation showed the need for New York City to receive more federal aid, and undermined the argument by Michael Chertoff, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, that federal financing should be directed toward infrastructure improvements and not paying for personnel involved in anti-terrorism efforts.