The American Kennel Club is lobbying mightily against New York and Vermont bills that would eliminate ear cropping and tail docking.  These archaic procedures mutilate the dog and serve no useful function.  Why must an animal undergo surgery, pain, and the risks of anesthesia and infection in order to satisfy the aesthetic demands of dog fanciers?  The AKC breeders need to stop sniffing their butts and need to start thinking about revising the breed standards!

The US needs to move forward with progressive legislation in this area.  Best Friends Network Animal Law Coalition reports:
”It is already against the law to crop ears on dogs in many other countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Tail docking is banned in Great Britain, Greece, Italy, and Portugal. Both tail docking and ear cropping are banned in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Cyprus,and the Virgin Islands. The Italian cities of Turin and Rome ban both of these practices.

In Canada the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association has issued a position statement that ‘cosmetic surgery is unnecessary. Surgical alterations in cases of injury or for reasons of health are not considered cosmetic. Examples of cosmetic procedures include:
1. Tail docking in the equine, bovine, or canine species;
2. Tail nicking/setting in the equine species;
3. Ear cropping in the canine species; and
4. Onychectomy in species other than the domestic cat.’

The Australian Veterinary Association has consistently renewed its call for a ban on cosmetic surgery for dogs.”

Onychectomy, by the way, is declawing, another form of painful mutilation. 

If these practices can be banned in Italy, where they began, and in the UK, where dog fanciers abound, they can be banned here.  Use your calm, assertive energy to contact your legislators and ask them to support these bills!