In a article on the defense of the Haditha killings, Paul Hackett, an antiwar Iraq war veteran and congressional candiate, “argued that civilian deaths are a routine consequence of the Iraq war. ‘If people don't like that, then people should work harder on bringing the war to an end. . . you are not going to have a war where innocent civilians don't get killed.’ "

This may be true. Which is why no country should go to war unless it is absolutely necessary and certainly not as a “pre-emptive strike.” (Had Iraq even had WMD’s, how would they have delivered them to us? As comedian Lewis Black says about Iran’s development of a bomb, “What will they do, throw it at us?”)

But, despite the words of defense lawyers, eyewitness accounts suggest that these were murders of rage and frustration, not “accidents” of war. Shame. Shame Shame. Why is an Iraqi life worth less than an American life? Why don’t I hear any cries of outrage following these killings? Would it help if the killings, like the Abu Ghraib abuses, had been caught on pictures or video? Does the average American need to see in order to imagine? Or does the average American even care?

Every time that I’ve heard any war supporter say that “we fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here” I wonder what ethical planet the person comes from.  Does it even matter to said individual that, as we fight terrorists over there so that we don’t have to fight them here, Iraqi civilians are caught in the crossfire? Does it matter that we’ve imported our so called war with Al Qaeda to a country that never before had Al Qaeda activity? Does it matter that, in attempting to bring democracy (read “hegemony”) to the region that we’ve brought death, destruction, and injury to, at conservative count, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis? Does it even matter to said person that the average Iraqi (rather than the rich expatriot Iraqi who hoped to gain power in the provisional government) never asked us to come there? Is Iraqi ground (ironically the cradle of civilization) somehow less hallowed than our own?

Do Americans even feel remotely responsible for trigger happy soldiers who, in blind rage and frustration, take their anger out on innocent women and children by, at the very least, shooting blindly? How can this so-called Christian nation be so strikingly amoral and so remarkably indifferent?